User guide

Written on 07/12/2021

Please keep in mind this app is optimised for smartphone. *Please switch on your phone if you're currently on your computer

Here you can see the two different home screens.

To acces the second home screen just click on the second little white dot or simply swipe left.

The main fonction of Sunbird is to inform you of the establishments around you and to gives you the sunshine schedules of the terraces.

You can click on the section : All places (in green in the first home screen)

Then the app will show you all the establishments around you.

Then just click on an establishment you want information from and it will gives you the sunshine schedule of the terraces as well as other usefull informations like the menu of food and drink if available, informations of the service they offer, some pictures and some usefull links

In the section : By category just on the right, you have diferents sections that work like a filter. 

It will show you only : restaurants or cocktails bars, ,wine bars, sunset spots, etc..

In the search section you can search by :

  • Establishment name
  • Kind of food or drink you want
  • keywords of the establishments sections like : outdoor heaters, vegan friendly etc...
  • Search something in the agenda, if you click on the subsection : agenda in the search engine
  • Search keywords in the section : how to ? , if you click on the subsection : how to ? In the search engine

As we are in brussels the keywords to use are often in french, but it could also be in flemish or in english, and also sometimes in another languages.

If you make a search of a beverage brand name like Sprite, Ritchie cola, Rhum diplomatico then the language should be kinda universal.

Another usefull section is the section : Weather

For now it show you a live cam of the brussels sky to help you to know if you will have the chance to got some sunlight or not.

Then we've also integrated the 2 hour rain forecast from that show you if it will rain within the next 2 hours.

In the section : agenda you can find some events like concerts, performances, exhibitions etc... with links to book when available.


In the section last minute you might enjoy some discounts only for the Sunbirdians :)

In the section : error or idea you can send us text, pictures or videos to help us improve content or to advertise us when some datas are wrong like sunshine schedules etc...

Second home screen

In the settings section you can access to :

  • the credits page : that will gives you the name of the people who work or have participated in the app developpement.
  • a link to contact the support by mail
  • a widget to recommend the application to someone
  • the possibility to choose if you want the distances to be shown in miles or in kilometers
  • a widget to flush the cache of the application

In the contact section you can contact us by mail or reach our Facebook page.

In the profil section you can sign up in the app if you want to be sure you won't lost your bookmarked favorites establishments.

It's also usefull for the establishments owners to prove us they identity.


And last but not least, in the form section you can acces to the form (only for establishment owner's) that will help us improve the informations we give to the Sunbird users.

Enjoy the app :)