Donations ➡️ to make the app survive

Written on 05/26/2021

Please consider making donation.

  • We work a lot of time on the app.
  • This app is (add) free (for now and as long as we can) because random ads are annoying. * except in the weather section where the announcements go directly to the weather services concerned)
  • All services are completely free for business owners and users. * we hope we can keep it that way.
  • Collecting solar data takes time.
  • We handle all changes and special requests such as happy hours.
  • We are working on the next features.
  • The creation of the application, its hosting, the payment of employees, the virtual servers and the equipment necessary for the implementation, marketing and scanning of complex environments (360 ° camera as well as travels) cost us money .

So ... without your help we won't survive long 😅

Thank you 🖤